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Whether you wish to get back on track quickly and boost your performance after an injury, take preventative measures to avoid physical set-backs or you are looking for efficient support to beat your own personal bests – we will accompany you at all times during your development as an athlete.

  • with a comprehensive range of services to optimise your health and performance
  • with ongoing therapy and preventative measures
  • with professional support and a selected team of specialists
  • with personalised training and diagnostic procedures
  • with a great deal of passion and motivation


Conventional physiotherapy as an urgent measure, or preventative exercise therapy as a longer-term treatment method. Our goal is not just to heal patients and athletes quickly, but to boost their resilience and performance in the long run as well.


Whether you perform at the highest level or you are a dedicated recreational athlete, we will work together with you to develop a personalised concept to manage your entire training – from planning to realisation, from the initial assessment to ongoing performance screenings.

Personal training

Full focus on your objectives and your available time. Regular one-to-one training sessions adapted to your exact requirements, conducted in our training centre or at your own location.

Professional support from a team of athletes

As former professional athletes, we are familiar with the training cycles and demands associated with preparing for competitions – not just based on our professional qualifications but also on our own personal experience. With this knowledge of the specific requirements of different sporting disciplines, we provide all-year-round coaching and offer support during competitions. We also have extensive experience of planning and setting up training camps.

Motion analysis

With the help of video-assisted motion analysis, the causes of inappropriate biomechanical stress and the subsequent symptoms are determined and can then be eliminated by means of specific (training-based) treatment measures.

Seminars and workshops

Roman Jahoda Sports offers you both a national and international platform for theoretical and practical training courses in diverse areas such as injury prevention, ComplexCore+, play-based warm-up exercises and much more.

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