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  • UEFA EURO - Paris/France

    June/July 2016

    Support in training and therapy and support during the matches for the EURO referees.

  • Alinghi extreme sailing - Mascat/Oman

    March 2016

    Training and physiotherapy support for the Alinghi sailing team.

  • UEFA winter course - Cyprus

    February 2016

    Workshop "injury prevention", muscle-functional tests, running tests and support in physiotherapy for the UEFA Elite referees.

  • Sport University - Leuven/Belgium

    November 2015

    Education for physiotherapy students, sport students and fitness coaches.

  • Rikkyo Sport Univeristy - Tokyo/Japan

    October 2015

    ComplexCore introductional workshop for the japanese students.

  • CC seminars in Europe - Austria/Switzerland/Slovakia

    September/October 2015

    Several ComplexCore seminars for students, coaches and physical therapists.

  • ComplexCore education - Toronto/Canada

    July 2015

    ComplexCore education of the Canadian CC team. Workshops for coaches and physical therapists.

  • Coaches Academy - Cologne/Germany

    June 2015

    ComplexCore education for german coaches and national team coaches!

  • TAOM - Leuven/Belgium

    March 2015

    THE ART OF MOTION CONVENTION: ComplexCore for coaches and physiotherapists.

  • Belgian fitness coaches - Leuven&Gent/Belgium

    March 2015

    Introductional ComplexCore workshops for fitness coaches.

  • TAOM Keynote speech - Leuven/Belgium

    March 2015

    THE ART OF MOTION CONVENTION: Keynote speech about the development and the goals of ComplexCore.

  • UEFA study group - Brussels/Belgium

    March 2015

    ComplexCore introduction for the fitness coaches of different european soccer national teams.

  • University College - Leuven/Belgium

    March 2015

    3days of education in ComplexCore for students. Content: coordination, core, arms, legs (mobility and stability).

  • FIFA/UEFA RAP course - Tirana/Albania

    March 2015

    Seminar for the european national coaches of the international soccer referees. Content: Core ind lower limbs.

  • ComplexCore level1 (BSPA) - Innsbruck/Austria

    February 2015

    ComplexCore level1 certification for fitness coaches.

  • voestalpine (company fitness) - Linz/Austria

    February 2015

    Testings of the voestalpine employees, evaluation of the test-results, creation of individual training programs.

  • UEFA winter course - Athens/Greece

    February 2015

    UEFA soccer referees: workshops, running tests, injury prevention.

  • Austrian Soccer Federation - Antalya/Turkey

    February 2015

    Training camp of the Austrian soccer referees: running tests and individual training preparation.

  • Swiss Soccer Federation - Gran Canaria/Spain

    January 2015

    Training camp of the Swiss soccer referees: endurance, strength, stabilization, mobilization and flexibility.

  • JiuJitsu training - Vienna/Austria

    January 2015

    Muscle-functional-tests, judo technique training, ComplexCore training.

  • ComplexCore training - Whitby/Canada

    November 2014

    ComplexCore training for young athletes (judo & hockey). The content of the training was coordination, reaction and stabilization.

  • Sports Highschool - Ottawa/Canada

    November 2014

    ComplexCore education and training for coaches, teachers and athletes.

  • Rikkyo Sport-University - Tokyo/Japan

    October 2014

    Theory and practice about the ComplexCore training concept for coaches, physical therapists and students.

  • Training of the japanese JUDO team (women) - Tokyo/Japan

    October 2014

    ComplexCore training content: coordination, core stabilization, functional strengthening, reaction

  • Education of tennis coaches - Kashiwa/Japan

    October 2014

    Theory and practical examples about tennis-specific functional training.

  • Judo introduction (Sportphysio education) - Rif/Austria

    September 2014

    Introduction in Judo, methodics, injuries

  • Athletics Education (Coaches Academy Cologne) - Hennef/Germany

    August 2014

    ComplexCore workshop for coaches (Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Hockey, Golf,…) Methodics, functional training, testings.

  • UEFA summer course - Nyon/Switzerland

    August 2014

    Testings (UEFA20) and running tests of the international referees

  • Austrian Soccer Federation (summer course) - Obertraun/Austria

    July 2014

    Running tests and practical exercises of the Austrian Soccer Referees

  • Testings of the Austrian Referees - Salzburg/Austria

    June 2014

    Testings of the Austrian soccer referees (muscle-functional tests, lactate threshold tests, orthopedic tests)

  • Belgian Army - Brussels/Belgium

    June 2014

    ComplexCore workshop for the belgian military fitness instructors (30.000 soldiers). Basic exercises and military specific exercises!

  • BSPA Graz (ComplexCore) - Graz/Austria

    June 2014

    Education of the fitness coaches (ComplexCore in theory and practice)

  • UEFA RAP course - Newcastle/Northern Ireland

    May 2014

    Education of fitness-coaches of 50 different european countries. Contents: ComplexCore in theory and practice.

  • ComplexCore at the Sportuniversity Nitra - Nitra/Slovakia

    April 2014

    ComplexCore presentation and practical exercises at the Sportuniversity Nitra for sport students, physiotherapists, handball coaches and basketball coaches.

  • ComplexCore workshop for PIVOT - Toronto/Canada

    March 2014

    ComplexCore workshop for the coaches of PIVOT (Sport-medicine Clinic). Topic: functional strengthening.

  • ComplexCore for the OSHF - Toronto/Canada

    March 2014

    ComplexCore workshop for the physiotherapists and fitness coaches of the OSHF (Ontario Society for Health and Fitness) in Toronto.

  • ComplexCore for the OSHF - Ottawa/Canada

    March 2014

    ComplexCore workshop for the physiotherapists and coaches of the OSHF (Ontario Society for Health and Fitness). Topics: Core mobilisation and stabilisation.

  • ComplexCore workshop at the Niagara Falls - Whiteoaks/Canada

    March 2014

    ComplexCore workshop for physiotherapists and fitness coaches. Topic: functional training.

  • Training of young soccer players - Ottawa/Canada

    March 2014

    Playful warm-up drills, soccer-specific exercises with the following topics: speed, reaction and coordination.

  • Judo & hockey: functional training - Ajax/Canada

    March 2014

    ComplexCore Training with young athletes (Judo and Hockey): playful warm-up drills, functional exercises, strengthening and stabilisation.

  • ComplexCore training (Sports High-school) - Ottawa/Canada

    March 2014

    ComplexCore training of the students of the Sports High-school in Ottawa. Topics: Core stabilisation with sport specific exercises.

  • UEFA company fitness - Nyon/Switzerland

    February 2014

    Testings of the UEFA employees by the ComplexCore team. Each employee is provided with an individual training plan on the ComplexCore mobile App.

  • ComplexCore Workshop (University College) - Leuven/Belgium

    February 2014

    Education of the students (High school) about ComplexCore. Contents: functional training of the core, arms and legs.

  • Austrian Soccer Referees - Antalya/Turkey

    January 2014

    Training camp of the austrian soccer referees. Topics: Injury prevention, strength, endurance, coordination, speed.

  • UEFA winter course - Lisbon/Portugal

    January 2014

    Worshops about injury prevention and testings of the international UEFA referees.

  • Swiss Soccer Federation - Gran Canaria/Spain

    January 2014

    Training camp of the swiss soccer referees. Topics: speed, endurance, coordination, reaction and injury prevention.

  • MOVE congress - Ottawa/Canada

    November 2013

    ComplexCore presentation to coaches and physiotherapist.

  • ComplexCore seminars (Sportuniversity) - Leuven/Belgium

    November 2013

    ComplexCore workshops for nation team coaches, sports scientists, physiotherapists, sport students and physio students.

  • Voestalpine - Linz/Austria

    November 2013

    Company fitness: Seminar and training of the Voestalpine employees.

  • ComplexCore workshop - Salzburg/Austria

    October 2013

    A 1day workshop for coaches, physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and sports students. Content: Core training and coordination.

  • Judo & ComplexCore (Whitby/Canada)

    October 2013

    Coordination, core stabilisation and judo specific exercises for the BUDOKAN judoclub.

  • OKA - Ontario Kinesiology Association (London/Ontario)

    October 2013

    ComplexCore workshop at the OKA conference for kinesiologists and fitness coaches in London/Ontario.

  • ComplexCore workshops in Ottawa/Canada

    October 2013

    ComplexCore workshops for coaches and physiotherapists from different fitness centers and the "City of Ottawa".

  • Training camp of the slovakian soccer referees (Slovakia)

    October 2013

    All slovakian 1st league soccer referees were prepared for 4 days for the upcoming season (strength, endurance, coordination, specific exercises).

  • Education for teachers

    September 2013

    200 teachers were educated in mobilisation, stabilisation and sport-specific exercises.

  • Table tennis team Salzburg

    July/August 2013

    3 weeks of specific preparation for the season: strengthening, coordination and table tennis specific exercises

  • Handball training camp/ Czech Republic

    July 2013

    Content: playful exercises, mobilisation, stabilisation, coordination

  • SV UEDESHEIM. Training camp. Salzburg.

    July 2013

    20 soccer players of the team SV Uedesheim (Germany) came to Salzburg for a 5day training camp. Roman Jahoda and his team focused on variety of the training: coordination, stabilisation, strength, soccer specific exercises,….

  • ComplexCore+. Launch of the new website

    April 2013

    www.complexcore.at has been given a whole new look. The completely revamped ComplexCore+ website went online at the beginning of April 2013. The content, design and navigation have been improved in line with the latest developments and we have already received a wealth of positive feedback.

  • German Sport University Cologne. National coaches' forum for ComplexCore+

    April 2013

    As part of a three-day course at the German Sport University Cologne, Roman Jahoda, together with ComplexCore+ partner and sports physiotherapist Gerald Mitterbauer, trained and taught German national coaches from various sports disciplines.

  • Formula 1. Esteban Gutierrez. Tokyo

    March 2013

    A comprehensive training programme in Tokyo was arranged for the Mexican racing driver Esteban Gutierrez. Over a period of 14 days, the 21-year-old, who celebrated his Formula 1 début with Sauber this year, was given intensive training by Roman Jahoda in the areas of stabilisation, strength, endurance and coordination to ensure optimum performance during the current season.

  • UEFA. Head coaches. Cyprus.

    March 2013

    In the spring of this year, another training camp was held in Cyprus as part of UEFA's referee coaching. During the training camp, Roman Jahoda taught the national referee coaches from the different European countries about ComplexCore+ and muscle function tests as well as different practical and theoretical aspects.

  • ComplexCore+. Presentations throughout Austria

    St. Pölten/Linz, March 2013

    Coaches from a wide variety of sports disciplines, including the Austrian athletics instructors in Linz, were taught the principles of the mobilisation and stabilisation training programme during several ComplexCore+ seminars.

  • Chiemsee-Schule Zimmermann GmbH. ComplexCore+ workshop

    February 2013

    At the officially recognised private vocational school for physiotherapists in Traunstein, Roman Jahoda taught around 150 students about ComplexCore+, providing detailed information about core mobilisation and stabilisation as well as training therapy and planning.

  • UEFA/ÖFB/SFV. Referees

    January-February 2013

    For the fifth time, Roman Jahoda travelled to the sunny south (Gran Canaria and Turkey) at the start of the year to prepare ÖFB, SFV and UEFA referees intensively for the second half of the season.

  • SV UEDESHEIM. Tests & training

    Salzburg, July 2012

    Over a period of five days, Roman Jahoda and his colleagues tested and trained the entire SV Uedesheim soccer team from the German fifth division. Two test matches, Judo training and canyoning were arranged alongside three daily training units.

  • UEFA. EURO 2012. Poland/Ukraine

    June 2012

    The athletic coach and physiotherapist Roman Jahoda supported the international referees in Warsaw throughout the entire EURO 2012. During the four weeks, the programme included coordination, aqua gymnastics and interval training, alongside daily strength training. Roman also provided the referees with support and therapeutic assistance during all games played in Warsaw.

  • Climbing. Preparation for the World championships

    Salzburg, January-August 2012

    Over a period of several months, Johanna Ernst, the youngest-ever world climbing champion, was prepared for the world climbing championships (Paris, September 2012) with specific measures, including ComplexCore+, coordination and functional training.

  • UEFA. Final preparations for EURO 2012 (Warsaw, Poland)

    May 2012

    The programme included functional tests, running tests and special training units for international referees.

  • Formula 1. Training in Japan with Kamui Kobayashi

    April 2012

    Josef Leberer and Roman Jahoda prepared Kamui Kobayashi for his upcoming races with special training (stabilisation, coordination, strength and endurance). They found the ideal conditions for this in the heart of Tokyo.

  • UEFA/ÖFB/SFV. Referee coaching

    January-February 2012

    3 weeks - 3 training camps - 3 associations - 1 objective: To prepare all referees in an optimum way for the upcoming season (UEFA referees/Antalya; ÖFB referees/Antalya; Swiss referees/Gran Canaria).

  • Sports University Salzburg. ComplexCore+


    ComplexCore+ has been a permanent part of the curriculum at the Sports University Salzburg since October 2011. Content: Core mobilisation and stabilisation, training therapy, muscle function tests, training plans.

  • Slovakian U17 national handball team. Preparation for the European championships.

    June 2011

    Over a period of four days, the players were prepared for the U17 European championships. The main focus was on strengthening, stabilisation, injury prevention and team building.

  • Training and presentations

    Canada, May 2011

    Content: Judo training, training for soccer players and ice hockey players, ComplexCore+ workshops

  • UEFA/FIFA. Course in Portugal


    Content: Standardised training methods, injury prevention, performance tests

  • Core&More. The new fitness DVD by Patricia Kaiser and Roman Jahoda


    Core&More is a fitness programme created by Roman Jahoda and Patricia Kaiser (coach, model, presenter, former professional athlete and Miss Austria 2000) for anyone who wants to get into shape quickly and efficiently. By choosing individual parts of the body, the level of performance and the duration of the training, you can compile your own personalised training programme. www.core-and-more.com

  • ComplexCore. Presentations throughout Europe


    Roman Jahoda again gave a number of presentations on ComplexCore in 2011 (Fitness Academy Bonn, Sport University Cologne, Bayerischer Skiverband, BSO, Salzburg skiing instructors, physiotherapists and more). The focus was on the mobilisation and stabilisation of the core and limbs, injury prevention and play-based exercises for junior athletes.

  • ÖFB/UEFA. Referee coaching

    January/February 2011

    As in the previous year, the Austrian Bundesliga referees were coached in Turkey and the international referees in Cyprus, in order to prepare them for the upcoming season. Roman Jahoda was responsible for the area of injury prevention as well as for the practical exercises (coordination, stabilisation).

  • ComplexCore presentations

    Canada 2010

    In 2010, Roman Jahoda presented his ComplexCore concept, the book and the software to a diverse range of target groups in Ottawa and Toronto (Canada). Over a period of two weeks, trainers, therapists and doctors were given a deeper insight into core training in theory and practice.

  • UEFA/FIFA. Advanced training in Budapest


    The third UEFA/FIFA course for technical instructors and national referee coaches was held in Budapest from 25 to 29 May 2010. The Austrian contingent was composed of Fritz Stuchlik, Gerhard Gerstenmayer and Roman Jahoda. The technical side focused primarily on analysing match situations, whereas the fitness side involved testing and referee-specific exercises.

  • ÖFB. Austrian Bundesliga referees tested by Jahoda/Stuchlik


    Schwaz-Linz-Vienna-Kapfenberg: During the FIFA tests, Roman Jahoda and Fritz Stuchlik spent several weeks checking that the referees were able to reach the prescribed performance thresholds.

  • Sportuniversity Cologne. Guest presentation


    As part of a training event at the German Olympic Sports Confederation's trainer academy in Cologne, Roman Jahoda, together with Gerald Mitterbauer, brought the national coaches of various sports disciplines up to speed with the latest sport science developments in the area of core training. From 22 to 24 February, the two physiotherapists gave talks on the principles of functional anatomy as well as on the ComplexCore training programme and software developed by Roman Jahoda. The intensive programme was rounded off with many practical examples and interesting discussions.

  • SFV. Coaching of Swiss referees


    "Optimum temperatures, perfect training facilities and highly motivated coaches" is the best way to describe the training camp for Swiss referees that was held in Gran Canaria in January. Urs Meier commissioned the physiotherapist and athletic coach Roman Jahoda to help his two Swiss trainers support the referees in a sporting capacity. To build upon the acquired practical knowledge, each participant was given an exercise catalogue that described Roman Jahoda's training and therapy concepts in more detail and served as an important guide on injury prevention for the athletes.

  • ÖFB. Referee coaching

    Turkey 2010

    Following the resounding success of the previous years, another one-week training camp for ÖFB referees was held in Belek (Turkey) in 2010. Based on the results of the performance diagnosis and movement analysis, conducted beforehand by the unionLAB team, Roman Jahoda compiled a specific and personalised training programme. The programme consisted of strength training, stabilisation and coordination in the morning, followed by speed, speed endurance and endurance in the afternoon.

  • ÖFB & unionLAB. Referee testing


    Just like the Bundesliga clubs, the 22 Bundesliga referees and 40 assistant referees also have to prepare for the spring season. On 12 and 13 January, alongside a one-day seminar, a performance diagnosis and movement analysis were conducted for all referees. The unionLAB team, spearheaded by Roman Jahoda and Dr. Micha Kucharczyk, tested aspects such as muscle function, resting ECG, vision and lactate, as well as performing a clinical/orthopaedic examination.

  • DTM. Ralf Schumacher


    Ralf Schumacher was prepared meticulously for his second season in the DTM by Roman Jahoda and his intensive strength training programme. The primary focus during this was on the functional stabilisation of the core.

  • unionLAB

    Salzburg 2009

    In addition to sportparkMED, Roman Jahoda began managing the ten-man team of unionLAB at the new Sportzentrum Mitte in 2009. Sports scientists, masseuses and a doctor help athletes and non-athletes to achieve their sports and health objectives.? More at: unionLAB

  • 1st international book presentation. University Hospital Lausanne/Geneva

    May 2009

    Over a period of two days, Roman Jahoda presented his new training concept for core mobilisation and stabilisation, as well as his book ComplexCore and the training software for use in practice. The participating physiotherapists and osteopaths were given the opportunity to try out the many different exercises in practice and create personalised training programmes.

  • ÖFB. Training for coaches


    On 5 April, the ÖFB referee seminar was held at sportparkMED in Salzburg. Focus points (in addition to match analyses) included therapeutic checks and running analysis. The regional head coaches met up with the referees again in Salzburg on 19 April. Roman Jahoda provided theoretical and practical analysis in areas such as injury prevention by means of targeted mobilisation, stabilisation, strengthening of the lower limbs, proprioception and flexibility. The programme also focused on the results of the running analyses, whereby the coaches were provided with specific recommendations for implementing and integrating these into their training.

  • UEFA. Referees

    Malaga/ESP 2009

    At the 18th introduction course for international referees, Roman Jahoda taught the participants about physical and mental measures. This involved him addressing the subject of injury prevention and demonstrating specific exercises that should be performed before, during and after training units. In addition, a personalised training plan was created for each referee.

  • ÖFB. Referees

    Turkey 2009

    Roman Jahoda supported the Austrian team of Bundesliga referees for a week in Antalya, Turkey. The referees were prepared for the second half of the season with daily presentations on injury prevention, as well as active training units.

  • UEFA European Football Championship


    Over a period of three weeks, Roman Jahoda supported the EURO referee team as one of three head physiotherapists of UEFA. His duties ranged from therapeutic treatment, to training, through to match supervision. Roman was able to experience the unique atmosphere on the pitch as early as the very first game in Switzerland (Switzerland vs Czech Republic).?

  • Austrian Jiu Jitsu Association


    Alongside his physiotherapy work, Roman Jahoda supports the Austrian Jiu Jitsu national team with Judo methodologies and by teaching competition-oriented Judo techniques. In the form of regular squad training, he helps to improve the performance of Jiu Jitsu fighters during competitions.

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